Continuing the series of posts about LEVEL 2, today I would like to write a few words about WRITING.
The exam takes 75 minutes and candidates must write two texts. Both texts should consist of 150-200 words. These word limits should be observed closely.
Task 1 is to write an e-mail or a letter on a private or professional subject.
Task 2 is a report.
Instructions for the tasks are written in English.
In both tasks candidates are required to demonstrate the ability to express the following functions in English:
· thanking
· expressing opinion
· refusing
· describing people, places and things
· describing past, present and future events
· expressing cause
· apologising
· stating facts
· giving information
· explaining
· expressing discontent
· requesting
· inviting
The texts are evaluated by two examiners.
You can receive maximum 10 points for each task. You need to receive minimum 14 points to pass.
  1. Ensure grammatical accuracy.
  2. Demonstrate the knowledge of a wide range of vocabulary (B1/intermediate level).
  3. Organize the text into (simple) paragraphs (in both letter/email and report).
  4. The texts should be logical and coherent.
  5. They should contain both simple and more complex sentences.
  6. The sentences should be logically connected.
  7. Make sure to cover all the points from the instruction.
The examples of exam tasks can be found on the official website of The Polish Armed Forces School of Languages (
Let me just show you here two of them coming from the model exam published on the website.
Write an e-mail. Write between 150-200 words.
You are getting married in six months. Write an e-mail to your English friend inviting him/her (with a partner) to your wedding party. Write about your wedding arrangements (time, location, guests). Ask your friend to let you know if he/she is coming. Offer to make
reservations and pay the costs.
Write a report to your CO. Write between 150-200 words.
You have just completed a language course. Describe the course and give your opinion aboutit. Include the following:
· date and length of the course
· classes (size/quality)
· number of hours per week
· accommodation
· facilities on site



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