So, do you want to pass that STANAG 6001 Level 3?

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HOW TO WRITE A STANAG 6001 LEVEL 2 REPORT. In the post, you will learn about the level 2 report layout, formal requirements, useful phrases and linking words. PLUS, you will read a sample report with a commentary on how it uses grammar and vocabulary to meet the exam requirements.

How to ask questions correctly
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One of the typical grammatical mistakes during the spoken STANAG 6001 exam is the wrong word order in questions. GRAMMATICAL CORRECTNESS is one of the elements of your assessment during the exam, so make sure to get your questions right!

How to talk clearly about your place of residence
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Talking about your place of residence is a speaking topic of the STANAG 6001 LEVEL 1, 2 and even 3.

This article focuses on how to talk about where you live. Firstly, it looks at some possible level 2 and 1 questions about your place of residence. Secondly, it focuses on useful phrases to talk about your place of living. Then, it shows grammar points related to describing places. Finally, it shows a STANAG 6001 LEVEL 3 topic: city vs country.