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My name is Małgorzata Mazurek. I’m the author of the Speaking and Writing Expert book for STANAG 6001 LEVEL 3 writing and speaking in English and two ebooks about L3 writing, as well as the blog about STANAG 6001 exams.

I’ve been teaching for STANAG 6001 exams for over 15 years, and now I’m inviting you to learn with me online and get hold of my STANAG resources! 

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How to Pass STANAG 6001 English Exam Level 3

The book dedicated to everyone who is planning to take STANAG 6001 level 3 exam. It focuses on productive skills SPEAKING and WRITING.

StanagExpert Writing 3 TOOLKIT and more ebooks with resources for STANAG exams.


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Follow your STANAG 6001 exam instruction to the letter or… fail

Ok, so I must tell you this: following the instruction in the STANAG exam may be crucial for one's success or failure. I mean, if you fallow it closely, you can be sure that you have two important elements of assessment covered, namely, task achievement and the so...

How to have ideas and vocabulary for speaking and writing

"I don't know what to say/write in my own language on this topic!" – is that how you feel when you see some of the STANAG exam topics? "What topics can I expect in my exam?" is that the question you’re asking yourself? As to what topics to expect, the general...

All about feedback in STANAG 6001 exam preparation

What is useful feedback?

Useful feedback is something more than correcting grammatical and lexical mistakes.

Feedback which is useful is the information which tells you how to improve effectively.

How to pass your STANAG speaking exam and prepare for real life situations at the same time

Have you ever had the impression that preparing for your STANAG exam and using English in real situations at work are two different things?  With the exam requirements being so strict, we sometimes feel we need to focus on exam tricks and criteria to pass. I recently...

How to Boost Your Essay Writing?

HERE'S AN EFEFCTIVE ESSAY FORMULA Make sure you know all the essay types and follow the right structure template.Use powerful beginnings and endings.Use advanced grammar.Use formal language.Use neutral language where appropriate. i.e. where personal opinion is not...

How to Practise Grammar for STANAG/SLP Exams Effectivelly?

I often hear: "Why can't I use grammar correctly during my speaking and writing? I've been doing my exercises in a grammar book forever."  or "How can I finally learn using grammar correctly? The problem with doing grammar exercises is that they are out of...

How to Improve the Flow of Ideas in Your Writing

What is your greatest struggle with formal writing? I'm guessing one of the two: inventing ideas for your texts or making your text effortless to read. Today, I'll focus on the flow of ideas which makes the text easy to read. Why should you even care? Well, the so...

StanagExpert Video TRAINING – L3 Speaking and Writing – 6 videos

StanagExpert Video Training Series 6 videos about the most common mistakes in STANAG 6001 level 3 Speakinga and Writing and how to avoid them Click on the topic that is of interest to you to be sent to the video and text version of the episode. ENJOY!   5 Common...

Blog Digest – All About Level 3 Writing In One Place

Blog Digest – all about level 3 writing in one place: marking criteria, models, templates, downloads and more.

Watch – 5 Ways to Make Your English Natural

How to sound natural during the exam and why is it even important? Have you ever tried learning things to say during the exam by heart? Forget it! The trick is to make your English sound natural and more native like. Watch the video and check out 5 ways in which you...
Lots of free STANAG 6001 resources, exam tips, recordings, writing models and tricks of the trade for you to dive in. Enjoy!

Books & ebooks

my book

How to Pass STANAG 6001 English Exam Level 3
The book dedicated to everyone who is planning to take STANAG 6001 level 3exam. It focuses on productive skills SPEAKING and WRITING. Its aim is to present the exam requirements, structure and procedures. It contains models of spoken forms (briefings, discussions) as well as written ones (letters/e-mails, memos, reports), sample exam questions and exercises in addition to useful and practical tips on how to pass the exam.


The e-book collects in one place all the necessary information about the STANAG 6001 LEVEL 3 WRITING. It presents all the issues in a thorough but concise and simple way, where possible in the form of tables. It’s a great tool for revision as well as learning all necessary information from scratch.


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