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How to Boost Your Essay Writing?
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HERE’S AN EFEFCTIVE ESSAY FORMULA Make sure you know all the essay types and follow the right structure template. Use powerful beginnings and endings. Use advanced grammar. Use formal language. Use neutral language where appropriate. i.e. where personal opinion is … Read More

How to Practise Grammar for STANAG/SLP Exams Effectivelly?
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I often hear: “Why can’t I use grammar correctly during my speaking and writing? I’ve been doing my exercises in a grammar book forever.”  or “How can I finally learn using grammar correctly? The problem with doing grammar exercises is … Read More

How to Improve the Flow of Ideas in Your Writing
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What is your greatest struggle with formal writing? I’m guessing one of the two: inventing ideas for your texts or making your text effortless to read. Today, I’ll focus on the flow of ideas which makes the text easy to … Read More