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Let’s deal with your stanag exam together

Are you preparing for your STANAG exam and you feel you might use some help? You are in the right place! I can show you how to pass it!

  • Are you stuck and don’t know what to do next?
  • Did you fail by 1 point again?
  • Are you struggling with where to start?
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Who am I?

A military English teacher, blogger, author and translator.

How did it all start? Here’s a short story:

I started teaching for STANAG 6001 exams in 2005 at the military university in Poland. In 2017, I wrote the textbook for the “Polish” STANAG exam and stared the blog and in 2021 I dedicated fully to teaching for STANAG exams online.

But I am also…

A struggling jogger, breaking up with this good habit on a regular basis.

Quite a regular tennis lover, and a plank hater – always struggling to endure more than 40 seconds.

A bookwarm who reads about 10 books at the same time, finishing 2 of them maybe. I guess I’m simply curious of many things.

An ancient history fan – my favourite series of all times being HBO’s Rome.

A bread baking apprentice – and a tiramisu master (this is literally the only cake I can make, because it doesn’t need baking).

Oh, and I love asparagus.


What do I do?

I show people how to pass STANAG 6001 exams in English.

I write books (“How to Pass STANAG 6001 English Exam. Level 3”) and ebooks (TOOLKIT) and I run a blog about the STANAG 6001 exams.

I teach individuals for STANAG 6001 exams and I run group workshops online.

My Philosophy

No exam should stand in your way

I show people how to pass STANAG 6001 exams, because I believe no exam should stand in your way to development and further career. And I know how frustrating it is when you miss that one point and have no idea why.

How did it all start? I’ve written the book and ebooks because as an instructor teaching the STANAG 6001 courses I experienced one major problem. I lacked proper teaching materials that would match my students needs. So, I created my own tools, and decided to make a book of them, so that YOU could use them, too. I did it because I believe the book and solutions I offer will help you effectively prepare for the exam, even on your own.

I started the blog, because people often asked me questions about the STANAG 6001 exam and I decided to answer them on the blog so that YOU too could make use of my knowledge and experience.

I teach online to make STANAG preparation easily available for anyone no matter where you are.



Absolutely indispensable! With such a scarcity of specialised resources on the market, this book has gone far beyond the readers’ expectations. It will familiarize you with STANAG 6001 requirements, scoring criteria, and help you develop your productive skills: speaking and writing. It is the first such a comprehensive book preparing for the military language exams. The skills are presented in an easy and step-by-step way. Multiple examples, ready-to-use samples, cheat sheets and comments – all that you need if you are serious about taking the STANAG 6001 English exam. Armed with that book, you are really “combat ready,” at least when it comes to linguistic battles.

Paweł Jasiński, www.stanag6001.com

A really useful e-book for teachers and students alike. Packed with tips on grammar, vocabulary, linking words, style, and how to structure and successfully write your STANAG 3 reports, letters and memos. All the information's laid out in a clear and friendly way. Indispensable for everyone who's serious about STANAG 3 writing. With this concise little booklet your preparation for the STANAG 3 exam will be easy as pie! It's a must-have!

Marcin Jurkowicz, PhD
Senior Lecturer at the War Studies University in

For 6 months, I worked with Małgorzata on STANAG 6001 level 3 writing. In my view, every feedback I received after writing the designated texts was to-the-point and clear. What is more, it focused not only on the exam requirements, but also on learning English in general. Surely, this is thanks to this cooperation that I passed my exam with a good result. I can sincerely recommend (Malgorzata’s services) to anybody preparing for a STANAG 3 exam.

Paweł, Polish Armed Forces