I receive many questions about STANAG 6001 LEVEL 2. So, I decided to devote a series of posts to SLP 2222.
We'll start today with a description of the level 2 SPEAKING exam.
The exam in speaking takes about 12-13 minutes and it consists of three parts.
The candidate talks with the examiner.


Part 1 is a warm-up in which the examiner asks candidates to talk about themselves, their work, interests, place of residence. It takes up to 2 minutes.


Part 2 is a role-play, in which an examiner and a candidate play two different roles and have a conversation following the scenario and prompts on a role-play card. The aim is the reach the prescribed goal.
The candidate receives a card which describes the situation, contains points which the candidate needs to cover in a conversation.
It takes up to 4 minutes.
The role-plays may concern the following situations:
· arranging meetings and appointments
· congratulating
· asking for directions
· shopping
· free time activities
· telephoning
· showing directions
· sightseeing
· at the airport
· at the post office
· during a journey
· at the doctor's
· at the pharmacy
· at the bank
· at the travel agent's
· at the hotel
· at the tourist information office
· at work
· at a restaurant
· on a plane


Part 3 is a short conversation with the examiner on a topic related to the role-play. The examiner asks 3 questions which the candidate needs to answer. Questions 1 and 2 usually refer to likes and dislikes and require the candidate to report a situation which happened to him or her or talk about their experience. In question 3, candidates are usually asked to compare ideas, describe pluses and minuses of different things and solutions. The conversation usually takes 6-7 minutes.
The subject areas in part 3 may refer to:
· everyday activities
· free time
· personal data
· home
· education
· travelling
· weather
· food
· work
· relations with people
· pastimes
· sport
· environment
· services
· fun
· interests
· shopping
· health


All the questions are given in English. The aim of the exam is to check if candidates can talk about basic professional issues and general interests and demonstrate the ability to do the following in English:
· thank
· refuse
· describe current, past and future events
· describe people and places
· describe similarities and differences
· apologise
· ask for information
· state facts
· give information
· give instructions
· express dissatisfaction
· express opinions
· express requests
· invite


To pass the exam, the candidate needs to receive 14 out of 20 points.
To pass the exam the candidate is required to demonstrate:
· fluency and clarity
· grammatical and lexical correctness 
· the ability to initiate the conversation
· the ability to react logically to examiner's questions
All the information presented above comes from the website of the Central Examination Board for Foreign Languages of the Polish MoD www.wsnjo.wp.mil.pl and constitutes the official requirements related to STANAG 6001 level 2 speaking used in Poland.

In the following posts, I'm going to present also the exam in level 2 writing and give some examples of exam tasks in writing and speaking with practical tips for the exam.

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