• The speaking exam takes about 24 minutes.
  • You take the exam in pairs.
  • It consists of two TASKS.



In TASK 1 you need to deliver a briefing on a military topic.

You have 15 minutes to prepare.

Your briefing should take  3-4 minutes.

After your briefing, the second candidate will ask you the questions about your briefing or will comment on it.

Then you are supposed to listen to the second candidate’s briefing, and after that ask questions about it or offer a comment.



In PART A you will discuss with the second candidate the topic you can read on an exam question card. You have no time to prepare this time, you can only read the question. Your task is to discuss three factors from your question and negotiate which of them is, for example, the most and the least serious, important dangerous, etc depending on the question.

Your discussion should take about 5-6 minutes.

In PART B examiners will ask you additional questions on a topic related to PART A. You don’t see these questions on your exam card. The examiner will decide who should answer particular questions.

This task takes about 5-6 minutes.

Good luck.

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