Today I would like to show you a sample discussion. It comes from my book SPEAKING AND WRITING EXPERT. How to Pass STANAG 6001 English Exam. Level 3.
Please note that it is only an example whose aim is to show you how to :
  • divide your roles,
  • avoid monologues,
  • demonstrate your ability to use different functions, such as agreement, disagreement, etc,
  • justify your opinions,
  • change the topic and move to the next factor,
  • start and sum up the conversation,
  • and how to cover all points.


Remember that at the exam the discussion should take around 5-6 minutes, so it would probably be necessary to add some more arguments to the sample discussion below.



There are different environmental problems. Look at the list of problems below. Discuss their impact on people and decide which is the most and the least serious. Justify your choice.
deforestation                 water pollution               air pollution



Person A: Start by paraphrasing the task
There are different environmental problems. Let’s discuss their impact on people …
Say specifically what needs to be discussed and ask for confirmation:
…and decide which of them is the most and the least serious. Am I right?
Person B: Confirm the aim of the discussion: Yes, that’s right.
Express your opinion about the first factor: From my point of view, the most serious one is air pollution
And justify it: …because it causes serious diseases, like asthma, allergies. Take Cracow, for example, where burning coal was prohibited due to the condition of the air in the city.
Then ask a specific question: Have you heard about it?
Person A:
Answer the question: I have.
Express agreement or disagreement: It’s a good example, and I share your point of view on this one.
Add your argument for or against: On the other hand, air pollution is predictable to a degree…
Move to Factor 2 and justify your choice: …while contaminated water can be more dangerous when we don’t expect it.
Ask a specific question: Don’t you think?
Person B:
Answer the question: It’s true. There have been cases of people who suffered from the consequences of drinking polluted water, because they were not aware they should not have drunk it.
Express your opinion: However, if the air in the region where you live is polluted…
Justify it: … you are constantly subject to its effects.
Ask a specific question: Wouldn’t you agree?
Person A:
Answer the question: Yes, I do agree.
Express your opinion: I must agree with you that air pollution is more serious due to its long-term effects. Justify it: If we look at the problem from this perspective…
Move to factor 3: What about deforestation?
Person B:
Answer the question by giving your opinion: It’s a serious problem, too, and it is connected with the quality of the air…
Justify it:as trees produce oxygen.
Ask a specific question: Am I right?
Person A:
Answer the question: Yes, exactly.
Give your opinion: But it does not pose a direct threat to people’s lives…
Ask for agreement: …does it?
Person B:
Answer the question: Not really,
Add your argument/opinion/ask to sum up: …maybe to some animal or plant species, but not directly to human life, although it influences the quality of life indirectly. Therefore, I would say it is the least serious of the three.
Ask about agreement: Do you share my point of you?
Person A:
Sum up: I do. So, to sum up, I would say that we agree that air pollution is the most and deforestation the least serious of these environmental problems.
Person B:
Confirm you have an agreement: That’s right. I couldn’t agree more.


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