EXAM TRAINING in accordance with the STANAG 6001


The meeting can be related to any topics related to STANAG 6001, such as reading, writing, speaking or listening. We can speak English or Polish. During the consultation:

– we can talk about STANAG 6001 exam requirements and criteria,

– you can ask and I will answer questions,

– we may focus on a particular task or text,

– you can prepare, with my guidance, your individual self-study or blended (self-study + online lessons) training plan.


SPEAKING TRAINING in accordance with the STANAG 6001

INDIVIDUAL online class: 100 zł/45 minut

4 individual meetings package: 360 zł


Group of 2 – 4 people: 50 zł/ 60 min (per person)

Group of 6-10 people: 30 zł/60 min (per person)


Interested? Have a group? Contact me and let’s meet!


WRITING TRAINING in accordance with the STANAG 6001


I’ll correct your written texts and send feedback by e-mail.

Single text: 30 PLN

10 texts package (plus topics): 250 PLN


8-WEEK ONLINE WRITING WORKSHOP in accordance with the STANAG 6001.

Sign up for a wait list: https://www.stanagexpert.com/livecourse/

Would you like to take part or have questions? Write at: info@stanagexpert.com