The STANAG 6001 level 3 report is a form of an analytical piece of writing with specific requirements.
The report constitutes TASK TWO of the exam in level 3 writing. There are always two report topics to chose from: one more general and another more military in nature.
The word limit is at least 200 words.
The exam report may contain elements of an informative, proposal, assessment or survey report.
There is some basic information you need to know about reports.


  • is an informative piece of writing concerning a particular person, place, situation, plan;
  • it is addressed to one’s superior/colleagues, members of a committee, and
  • it is written in response to a request or instruction.
formal and impersonal style is required, which involves:
  • complex sentences,
  • non-colloquial language,
  • use of the passive voice,
  • linking words and phrases,
  • personal opinions, feelings and emotions must not be expressed.
  • The report should start with a subject line summarising its content.
  • It should be divided into paragraphs, each devoted to a different idea required in the instruction.
  • Each paragraph of the report must start with a suitable heading.
Introduction: stating the purpose and content of the report
  • the purpose,
  • content (three points to be covered),
  • the source of information it is based on (survey results/interviews, statistical data).
Main body: presenting the content of the report
  • each aspect of the report should be covered in a separate paragraph beginning with a suitable heading,
  • each paragraph should begin with the topic sentence,
  • the facts presented in the report (numbers/statistics) should be followed with their generalisation (It implies that…),
  • each idea in the report should be developed,
  • the sentences within paragraphs must be joined with linking devices.
Final paragraph: concluding the report by presenting:
  • conclusions drawn from the information given in the body of the report,
  • depending on the exam task, it may also contain assessment, recommendation, suggestion, advice, and speculations about possible causes or consequences.


Write at least 200 words on the following topic. The problem of obesity is constantly intensifying. You have been tasked with writing a report for the National Health Organisation. Include the points below:
  • reasons for obesity
  • its consequences
  • possible ways of dealing with the problem.
Subject: Problem of obesity
The purpose of this report is to present the problem of obesity among people as well as to assess its consequences and suggest possible ways of solving this problem. The report is based on the data made available by the National Health Organisation.
Reasons for obesity 
There are different reasons for people becoming overweight. To begin with, people nowadays do not have time to eat proper meals. Consequently, they consume whatever, be it fast food or a quick snack, and whenever they have a chance. As a result, their diet is irregular and poorly balanced. Another cause of obesity is the lack of physical exercise. Seventy per cent of respondents have admitted in a street survey that they never do any physical exercises. It allows to assume that the majority of people prefer spending their free time in front of the TV or computer screens. This situation may lead to serious problems.
The consequences of obesity may be manifold. This report will focus on the two most serious. Firstly, being overweight leads to various diseases, such as heart problems and diabetes. The research shows that being obese greatly increases the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. Moreover, about fifty per cent of patients suffering from diabetes are obese. Secondly, the problem with maintaining appropriate weight may cause psychological dysfunction, such as depression, not to mention eating disorders, for example, anorexia or bulimia. These can cause not only social problems, but even lead to death. Therefore, if the problem is not addressed, it seems that the scale of this phenomenon may increase.
All in all, taking the above information into consideration, it seems obvious that serious steps must be taken in order to stop the development of this dangerous trend. Firstly, it is advisable to launch a media campaign informing people about the threats related to obesity. Secondly, as regards healthy diet, the right dietary habits should be shaped from an early age. Hence, state institutions, such as kindergartens and schools should be involved. And finally, physical exercise and healthy lifestyle should be encouraged in the media and endorsed by celebrities.
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