Have you ever had the impression that preparing for your STANAG exam and using English in real situations at work are two different things?  With the exam requirements being so strict, we sometimes feel we need to focus on exam tricks and criteria to pass. I recently heard from a student:

“Ok. So, I’ll pass the exam and then I’ll be able to focus on learning English for my work.”

What if you could combine those two things: exam prep and real life speaking prep?

Here are 3 things you have to do to prepare both for the speaking exam and for speaking in real life situations.

ONE. Practice exam tasks in the near exam like situations in which the conditions are controlled but you are challenged enough to feel the pressure that you can feel during the exam.

TWO. Practise speaking in real social situations with people who have similar goals and interests, where English is your common language of communication.

THREE. Get expert feedback both on language and STANAG exam tasks. Yes, you can practise on your own by recording yourself. But at some point, it will be useful to have somebody listen to what you say and point to some elements that might need improvement or that might not be in accordance with the STANAG exam criteria of evaluation.

Easier said than done, you might say. And I agree. For years, I’ve been giving you advice on this blog and trying to make self-study easier for you. And I’m still going to do this. Not to worry. Self-study is the hardest though when it comes to active skills: speaking and writing.

What if you could combine the three: feedback, mock exam situations and social use of English in the military environment?


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