The writing test of STANAG 6001 level 3 exam takes 80 minutes and it consists of two tasks.
Task 1 is to write either a formal letter/e-mail or a memo. There is only one topic given and there is no choice.
A formal letter/e-mail or a memo should not be shorter than 120 words, but there is no upper word limit.
The following types of information may be required of you at the exam:
In a formal letter/e-mail
  • giving information
  • asking for information
  • complaining
  • apologising
  • explaining
  • inviting
  • refusing
  • suggesting
In a memorandum:
  • explaining
  • describing
  • requesting
  • giving information
  • suggesting solutions
  • giving orders
  • making assessment
Task 2 is to write a report. There are two report topics to chose from. One general and one military.
A report should not be shorter than 200 words, but there is no upper word limit.
Since the changes introduced in 2015, there are no pictorials or statistical data to be analysed for the report.
The report in level 3 is differnt than the report in level 2. The report in level 2 is situational and descriptive.
The report in level 3 is more analytical. You are supposed to describe the problem, evaluate the situation and suggest solutions.
You can receive 10 points for each task. To pass the exam you need to collect a minimum of 14 points out of 20.
It is necessary to cover all three points of the instruction. If any point of the instruction is not covered, the assessment of this task will automatically be not more than 6 points.


You are to receive new equipment. The training event with the new equipment was planned for November but has to be postponed. Write a letter to the training centre experts organising the exercise (1) informing them about the changes in the schedule, (2) apologising for the trouble, and (3) asking for the confirmation of their arrival. Write at least 120 words.
Write a report o 200 words on one of the following topics.
  1. Social media have become an important part of everyday life. Psychologists are afraid that they might be detrimental to social life. You have been tasked to write a report for the National Psychological Association about this issue. Include the points below:
  • advantages and disadvantages of social media
  •  negative consequences of their irresponsible use
  •  suggested ways of preventing the dangers related to social media.
2. A NATO Agency is conducting a research on the perception of military service in the allied countries. You have been tasked with writing a report on the perception of the armed service in your society. Include the points below:
  • advantages and disadvantages of military service
  • social fears related to military service
  • possible ways of promoting recruitment.

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