Task 2 of the oral level 3 exam is called DISCUSSION. In fact, it resembles negotiations in Part A.
What does it look like then?
Task 2 of the oral exam consists of two parts. 


Part A is the discussion.
This part of the exam is taken in pairs. You work with the same partner who listened to your briefing.
The difference is you don't have time to prepare or consult before you start the task. 
Each of you receive an identical piece of paper with the discussion topic which you only have time to read.


Your task is to discuss the topic and do the task. The task is to negotiate the order of factors listed on the topic card.
The aim of the discussion is to come to a common (at least partially) conclusion.
It should resemble a natural, semi-formal conversation.
The goal of the task is achieved if you have discussed all the factors from the card in detail and come up with a list putting them in the negotiated order.
Your discussion should take 5-6 minutes.


Part B is moderated by the examiner who asks additional questions related to the discussion topic from Part A.
These questions are not written on the card from Part A.
You answer the examiner's questions and then may be encouraged to discuss them further with the second candidate.
The examiner may participate in the discussion and/or ask additional questions.
This part also takes about 5-6 minutes.



The aim of Task 2 is to verify candidates’ ability to discuss the broad scope of problems. The list of topics includes:


  • tourism
  • entertainment
  • media/social media
  • crime
  • sport
  • security
  • money
  • animals
  • technology
  • work, etc


The structure and content of this task should allow you to show your ability to:
  • give opinion
  • agree
  • disagree
  • give arguments/justify/exemplify
  • compare/contrast


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