As requested by some of you, I would like to show you two STANAG 6001 level 3 memos written by some of my students, who wish to remain anonymous. The tasks come from the website of the Central Examination Board of the PAF.


Write a minimum of 120 words on the topic below.
You were responsible for supervising the rail transport of the Polish military equipment to a NATO exercise in France. After the arrival at the exercise field, you discovered that some items were missing. You have been tasked with writing a memo to the French Military Police in which you: 1) give details of the transport, 2) say what the Polish side has already done and discovered, 3) ask the French MP for help in further investigation and stress the urgency of the situation due to potential danger.
  1. The aim of this memorandum is to inform about the missing equipment of the PAF’s soldiers who travelled to take part in the NATO exercise in France. The soldiers and equipment were transported by rail from the base in XYZ to the ZYX French Army Base as agreed during the working meeting in Warsaw. They departed from Warsaw at 03.00 on Monday and arrived at the destination yesterday at 05.30 where it was discovered that a part of the equipment was missing.
  2. In the course of the inspection performed by the commander of the group, it was discovered that some locks were broken and the following items of equipment were found missing: 12 uniforms, 4 sleeping bags and two bags with personal items as well as 2 laptop computers. Fortunately, there were no weapons or ammunition among  the missing gear.
  3. However, the situation is serious as the missing electronic devices had been used to analyse secret information. Although they were secured with fingerprint readers, the PAF have to ask the French Military Police for assistance in further investigation and securing the laptops. It is important to emphasise the urgency of the situation and the necessity to increase the security and protection of the incoming exercise.


Write a minimum of 120 words on the topic below.
During an international field exercise, a soldier was injured at a shooting range. You have been asked to write a memo to your CO in which you 1) describe the incident and its reasons, 2) present action taken and say how the incident affected the exercise, 3) suggest what measures should be taken in order to avoid similar incidents in the future.
  1. The aim of this memorandum is to inform about the incident which took place at the shooting range during the field exercise. In accordance with the information which was sent by the local MP and confirmed by the exercise command, one Polish soldier injured himself during the dynamic shooting training as a result of not respecting safety regulations.
  2. The ambulance was called and first aid was immediately administered to the injured. As a result of fast action of the paramedics’ team his life is not in danger. Following the incident, the exercise was immediately stopped and suspended until further notice. At the same time, the Military Police was informed of the event and arrived at the place to secure the area and conduct their investigation.
  3. Having analysed the situation, the exercise organisers have come to the conclusion that it is necessary to conduct mandatory additional training in safety regulations before each exercise in order to avoid threats to human life in the future. The official proposal for such a solution will be immediately filed with the relevant decision makers. Bearing in mind that the safety of soldiers is of highest importance it also seems advisable to review the organisation of training programmes, especially those involving live ammunition, in the area of security. 

Do you find such examples useful?

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