We have a guest today on the blog. One of its readers from the Czech Republic agreed to write an article about the level 3 STANAG 6001 English exam in writing. Read on and find out what the writing looks like there.

STANAG 6001 SLP 3 writing in the Czech Republic by Jaroslav Veselý

The writing part of the exam comprises three tasks. The overall proficiency level of the applicant is decided upon fulfilling all three assignments with their subsection questions. The three tasks are: formal correspondence, a free form of writing and a composition. They differ in the level of English expected and amount the words used, which relates to the time each writing task takes. All parts are written in just one exam with no breaks and the time given is 90 minutes. Therefore, it is up to every applicant how he or she uses this very time. Usually writing takes place in a class equipped with PCs and a candidate is supposed to write the whole exam on a PC.

The requirements for the formal correspondence correspond to level 2, which means using simple and moderate-length sentence composition, vocabulary related to personal and duty activities. Another evaluated element is the usage of greetings, as well as the organization and layout of the letter or email. Usual topics given are related to complaining or requiring and giving information. The number of the words is limited to the minimum 120, with the possibility to use more, but one must keep in mind the time pressure.

The level required for the free form writing correlates to the level 2-3. An applicant is expected to be able to give facts, instructions, describe persons, places. He or she also should be able to analyze information and form hypothesis, and provide coherent commentary on a given topic. The recommended number of words is 150 and the time spent on this task is advised to be around 25 minutes.

The last but not least is a composition. In writing this part you should focus on using the most of your time, recommended time is 45 minutes, and the most of your English. The applicant can choose from two topics: either military or general related to social issues  The emphasis is put on clear and logic argumentation and subsequent developing of ideas, while using correct grammar and stylistics. It is recommended that the composition should have at least 250 words. As example topics I can name “Marriage or living together” or “Compulsory vaccination for Czech soldiers against swine-flu”.

To sums it up, during the exam you’re supposed to write 3 shorter or longer texts. The time is one of the most important causes of pressure during the exam and applicants should always keep an eye on it as well as on fulfilling all the tasks, since it is crucial for the exam.  Not completing any of the assignments results in lower grades and consequently not getting the desired SLP rating. Completing all of the tasks and subsequent assignments, showing correct grammar and stylistics, difficult vocabulary and good text organization, and doing it all in just 90 minutes, can result in acquiring SLP 3.

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