Who am I?

A military English teacher, blogger, author and translator.
A struggling jogger, breaking up with this good habit on a regular basis.
Quite a regular Pilates lover, and a plank hater – always struggling to endure more than 40 seconds.
A bookwarm who reads about 10 books at the same time, finishing 2 of them maybe. I guess I’m simply curious of many things.
A ancient history fan – my favourite series of all times being HBO’s Rome.
A bread baking apprentice – and a tiramisu master (this is literally the only cake I can make, because it doesn’t need baking).
Oh, and I love asparagus.


What do I do?

I show people how to pass STANAG 6001 exams in English.
I’ve written the “How to Pass STANAG 6001 English Exam. Level 3” book and I run the blog about the STANAG 6001 exams.
I’m also in the constant process of inventing new products that might help you understand STANAG 6001 exams and make your learning easier, faster and more effective.
One of them is the LEVEL 2 BOOK of which I’ve actually written a few chapters already. It’s a complicated process, as I’m a parent, too.



Where do I do it?

You can find me on my stanagexpert.com blog and in the social media (Insta and FB). Come join me there!


The blog is where I put lots of free and professional information on the exams and how to prepare for them.


In my shop, you’ll find my book, my ebooks and soon also other useful products for self-study, because I believe that you have all you need to prepare for the exam on your own, you just need to be shown how.
I’ve decided to share my knowledge online, because I believe in this way I can reach you more easily than through traditional classrooms.

Why do I do it?

I show people how to pass STANAG 6001 exams, because I believe no exam should stand in your way to development and further career.
How did it all start? I’ve written the book because as an instructor teaching the STANAG 6001 courses I experienced one major problem. I lacked proper teaching materials that would match my students needs. So, I created my own tools, and decided to make a book of them, so that YOU could use them, too. I did it, because I believe the book and solutions I offer will help you effectively prepare for the exam, even on your own.
I started the blog, because people often asked me questions about the STANAG 6001 exam and I decided to answer them on the blog so that YOU too could make use of my knowledge and experience.

What now?


If you want to stay in touch, subscribe to my (almost) weekly StanagExpert Update emails.

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And if you want free and professional information, advice and tools for learning for STANAG 6001 exams, visit my blog


Do write and let me know who you are by writing at:  info@stanagexpert.com
Take care and good luck with your exam!




Because I treat every language task seriously.
Because I know that everyone can learn a foreign language if they see the practical application of every new skill.
Because I love showing people their strengths on the basis of which they can develop their language abilities.
Because I believe that a good instructor is someone who gives appropriate tools and can motivate people to use them well.
Because sense of humor is an important aspect of learning.



is your guiding star for STANAG 6001 exam success!

It is a place for you if you’re looking for:

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