What are linking words?

Linking words connect ideas, sentences and clauses (parts of sentences). They help you show the connection between parts of the text.

Why should you use linking words?

Use linking words to make your writing or speaking logical, easy to follow and well organised. Linking words will help the reader or listener follow your way of thinking and understand what you mean. They will make your writing and speaking clearer and easier to follow. They are required in formal writing which uses complex sentences. We make complex sentences by combing clauses with the use of conjunctions (and, but) and linking words (although, despite).

When do we use linking words?

Linking words have various functions. The function shows how ideas, clauses or sentences are connected with each other.

Check out below different functions they serve, and how they are used in a sentence.


Firstly, I would like to inform you of the safety precautions that have been taken so far.

First and foremost, let me thank you for your kind assistance.

To begin with, it is necessary to mention what has already been accomplished.

Secondly, I would like to invite you to participate in the annual security conference.

Thirdly, I will conclude my speech by recommending the best course of action.

Finally, I would also like to request some information concerning the equipemnt.

Last but not least, it might be interesting for you to know that the price of one item will depend on the quantity you order.


Then, I will move on to my next point which is related to the purchase details.

At this point, the ambulance was called and the immediate rescue action began.

Initially, the exercise was planned to be a one time event.

Another (advantage) of solution one is its cost-effectiveness in comparison with the second one.

A further reason to follow this course of action is the necessity to act in the face of a threat.


In conclusion/To conclude,/To summarise,/All in all, taking the above information into consideration, it seems obvious that serious steps must be taken in order to stop the development of this dangerous trend.


Similarly, /Equally, if we follow this course of action we may help to ensure greater security in the region.

By the same token, lack of appropriate incentives is detrimental to the morale of the whole unit.


Clearly, /Notably,/ Undoubtedly,/In fact, /Certainly, /Obviously, this may have serious consequences in the future.


For example, / For instance, the number of people suffering from diabetes has increased by 10 per cent.

This option has some obvious drawbacks. Namely, purchasing new equipment is connected with incurring considerable expenses which had not been planned in the annual budget


As a result, their diet is irregular and poorly balanced.

Consequently, numerous cases of heart-related diseases have been reported in recent years.

Due to excessive use of the Internet and computers, increasing problems with health are observed, such as vision defects and backache.

Therefore, it seems necessary to take some significant steps in order to limit the development of this dangerous phenomenon immediately.

If  the problem is not addressed, it seems that the scale of this phenomenon may increase.


In case  you do not know the way, I have included some directions.

Unless immediate steps are taken, the consequences might be unimaginable.

The danger might be averted provided that immediate and decisive steps are taken.


Additionally,/In addition,/Furthermore, /Moreover, an evacuation operation should be organised as soon as the flooding begins.

Besides being very effective, this solution is also the easiest to implement.

Living in the countryside is not only boring but also expensive.


Unlike solution one, solution two requires many months of preparation.

There are many problems related to weapon theft. Nevertheless, the issue of protecting military bases seems to be the most important.

On the other hand, this option also has some drawbacks.

Despite the cost, solution B seems to be a much more effective answer to the problem.

In spite of the cost, solution B seems to be a much more effective answer to the problem.

While it is obvious that the equipment needs renovation, this decision has been postponed.

However,  this solution has also some drawbacks.

Although some cases of such crimes have been revealed by the media, there are still many perpetrators at large.

Why is it so important to use linking words?

Among the assessment criteria for STANAG 6001 there is a point which says that the text should be well organised as a whole and within a paragraph, easy to follow and understand, logical, arguments should be fully developed. Linking words will help you achieve these goals by making it easy for the reader to follow your way of thinking.

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